Yazkar Frigo Box

General Properties

Yazkar Isolated Frigobox is suitable for the food supply chain which comes from cold rooms.Cold chain breaks down while opening and closing the doors during distrubition and loading.Yazkar isolated frigobox is the cooling method of all logistics operations during cold chain.(medicine, choclate, cake, ice-cream, meat,milk,fish,yoghurt,chicken,cheese,turkish dumplings and perishable foods)

  • Carring the goods to far destinations at the ambient temperature
  • Simultaneous loading of dry Food,frozen goods and non-food goods
  • Movement capability and special design of Yazkar Frigobox provide easy transportation for perishable foods

Reliable and user-friendly Yazkar isolated Frigobox is an excellent method for distributing heat sensitive goods.
Yazkar Frigobox which can be producible at required dimensions, meets all the industrial necessities with the polyurethane-CTP(Fiberglass Reinforced Polyesters) and ATP standards.

Dry Ice:

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide.A block of dry ice is -78.5 C°. So it sublimates at atmospheric pressure. So when dry ice melts it turns into carbon dioxide gas instead of turning into liquid.Yazkar cools the goods inside of the Frigobox by being frosty and sublimentary

Eutectic Plates:

Eutectic plates are the standard size plates which has eutectic liquid in it.It cools the goods which are inside of the Yazkar Frigobox.

Ice Packs:

Ice packs ,inside of the aluminium frames, made by a plate which has a special gel.These plates melting temperature is higher than water and cools the goods inside of the Yazkar Frigobox.

Field of Usage

  • Shippers/Logistics
  • Retailers
  • Supermarkets
  • Food Sales Points
  • Distributers/Shippers


  • Keeps temperature of the goods.
  • More logistics and distribution
  • Saves diesel,electric,volume,time
  • Increases delivery of heat sensitive goods
  • Logistics of Cold and frozen goods without needing expensive frigo vehicles.
  • Cold retantion time of the goods can be extended with dry ice.
  • Save logistics expenses (1 vehicle instead of 3)
  • Vehicle fleet Management Optimization (24/24 hrs)
  • Rising of the distrubition periods of the heat sensitive goods
  • Saves 'distrubition damages' of the heat sensitive goods
  • Saves auxiliary material of insulants of heat sensitive goods preshipment
  • Keeps the desired temperature during shipment
  • Less work load during product placement at the sales points
  • Disappearance of Cold room requirement at the interim storage or sales points